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5 Delectable Things You Can Make With A Block Of Chocolate

Chocolate slices

No matter how old you are, what you like to do or where your place in life is, everyone loves a delicious sweet treat every now and then. Lovely chocolate slices and delectable sweets are an incredible way to treat yourself.

However, we all know that too many chocolates and sweets can be bad for us. So, is there a way we can enjoy delicious sweets while staying healthy?

In fact, there are heaps of incredible recipes out there that are delicious, organic and healthy! So you can enjoy delightful sweet snacks while remaining thoughtful and health-conscious.

5 Delicious Ways Chocolate Can Be Turned Into Treats

We’ve all had sugary chocolate cakes and cookies before, but we also know that a lot of those treats that we get from the local market are filled with unhealthy components.

Additionally, you could also try to create excellent sweet treats yourself at home by combining ingredients like chocolate, coconut, various kinds of nuts and more. Although, even if you are making them yourself, it can be hard to know how to make your recipes healthier while maintaining their fantastic tastes.

But, there are a lot of ways chocolate can be used and incorporated into sweet treats that are wholesome, organic, gluten-free and healthy. So, yes, you can enjoy heavenly chocolate slices without consuming overwhelming amounts of unhealthy additives.

Five delightfully tempting ways that chocolate can be incorporated into tasty sweet treats are:

Chocolate Hazelnut Slices. There is something wonderfully unique about a simple chocolate slice. Simple, familiar ingredients combine to create an easy yet delightful treat that the whole family can enjoy.

These chocolate hazelnut slices take that simple, familiar treat and elevate it to a heavenly degree. This incredible delight is created by taking a wholesome and classic chocolate slice recipe and adding perfectly toasted hazelnuts to enhance the taste and make it memorable.

The hazelnuts used are organic and locally grown. This wonderful treat is dairy and gluten-free and topped with splendidly crunchy buckwheat seeds on a bed of organic chocolate.

Raspberry Vanilla Chocolate Bar. If you aren’t in the right mood for chocolate slices, then stunning chocolate bars are the way to go. Chocolate pairs incredibly well with a plethora of other ingredients - if you can dream it, chances are an intuitive chef out there has made and tried it before.

One classic pairing that has been used for years is chocolate and berries. This chocolate berry bar starts as a wholesome almond base with a yummy vanilla and raspberry mousse on top, and then it is coated in a layer of delicious chocolate.

This treat is also notable in the way that it is free from refined sugar. Instead, it is sweetened with organic dates and lovely agave, making this bar vegan as well.

Peppermint Mousse Chocolate Bar. Another classic pairing is the combination of smooth chocolate and minty peppermint. The delightful freshness of organic peppermint perfectly compliments the deep smooth flavour of chocolate, coming together to form a decadent treat that everyone can enjoy.

This excellent peppermint mousse chocolate bar starts with a crunchy almond base, is topped with heavenly organic peppermint mousse and then coated in tempting chocolate.

Just like the excellent raspberry vanilla chocolate bar listed above, this treat is flavoured with organic dates and agave. This bar’s ingredients make it dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and free from refined sugars.

Orange Chocolate Bar. Chocolate and orange flavouring is yet another incredible combination that helps create special sweet treats and chocolate slices.

This tasty bar is made of pure raw chocolate and topped with zesty powdered orange peel. Among the ingredients are also healthy almonds, raisins, dates, cashew nuts and pleasantly sweet agave.

Although not everyone loves the pairing of chocolate and orange zest, if you are still unsure of where you stand, we are absolutely confident that our orange chocolate bars will make you adore this enticing combination.

Chocolate Mousse Deluxe Mini Tart. If you are looking for something even more elegant and fancy, then this outstandingly tempting tart is proper for you. Everyone deserves to spoil themselves occasionally, and this is the perfect dessert to make you feel pampered and worth it.

This incredible tart goes beyond classic chocolate slices and bars to deliver a taste that will not soon be forgotten. Once you and your family have finished this special treat, you will start wondering when is the next time you can order it again!

Starting with cacao and activated almond base, this tart is flawlessly enhanced with layers of chocolate mousse and airy vanilla mousse. It can be sweetened with lovely natural honey but can also be made vegan with agave instead.

Additionally, it can be topped with incredible coconut chocolate orbs to make it even better.

Where You Can Find Some Of The Most Delicious Sweet Treats In New Zealand

Are you craving some delicious treats now? At Make It Raw, we create fabulous desserts that are healthy, wholesome and utterly delectable. We have chocolate slices, fun tarts, nutritious crackers and more!

Chocolate makes for an incredible gift, no matter what occasion you are celebrating. Family members, loved ones, partners and even coworkers will all light up with joy when you show them the delightful treats you have brought to share.

Although you might wonder about the healthy side of sweet treats, you should know that raw and organic chocolate comes with plenty of health benefits! Raw and dark chocolate can provide you with heaps of nutritious minerals. So, you and your loved ones can indulge in these elegant treats while staying healthy.

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