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Power Up With Our Raw Slices

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At Make it Raw, we produce delicious and healthy raw slices. If you’re craving something sweet and you need a proper energy boost, we’ve got you covered.

Our snacks are 100% gluten-free, vegan, and natural. If you’re on a restricted diet, health-conscious, or just keen to support a local business, we know the ins and outs of making tasty, unrefined snacks that everyone can enjoy.

Most store-bought slices, and even the most accessible slice recipes, mostly contain flour and sugar. In other words, a whole lot of nothing! They might taste nice, but they don’t give your body anything it can use. Therefore you only get a short-term energy boost and an excess of unhealthy components coursing through your system.

At Make it Raw, we are conscious of what we put in our bodies, so we make our slices out of pure goodness. It tastes better, anyway! By using healthy ingredients, our raw, vegan, and gluten-free slices provide proper nutrients to help you get on with your day, aiding digestion and your energy levels.

Stay Sated With Our Sugar-Free Slices

Your sweet tooth doesn’t need to be a thorn in your side. There are so many sweet treats that satisfy that craving for indulgence while staying healthy. You will love our raw slices.

Coffee and Walnut Slice

Love sugary foods for the energy boost it gives you? Try our creamy coffee and walnut slice! By blending freshly brewed, organic and fairtrade coffee with cashews and agave, we have created the tastiest kick-starter slice you could ask for. Its incredible flavour burst combines with the goodness of walnuts, activated almonds, and cashews to provide you with long-lasting liveliness.

Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

We are pleased to share that this slice is our only product that’s not 100% raw. Our founder’s mama, Winsome, has a hazelnut orchard at home, so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to experiment with the hazelnut flavour.

We found that roasting (after we pick up/dry/crack and sort) hazelnuts is totally worth the flavour boost. Along with a layer of organic raw chocolate and topped with buckwheat seeds, this is a much-loved treat at Make it Raw.

Chocolate Caramel Slice

Indulge with our chocolate and caramel slice. With activated almonds and organic cashews, there was no need for flour to go near this treat! Organic agave, dates, and raisins sweeten this treat - so all the sugars are totally natural. Rich, sweet, and decadent, this slice is heavenly.

Passionfruit Slice

If you’re more of a fan of fruity sweets, we’ve got you! Our passionfruit slice has an almond base with passionfruit-infused organic coconut and cashew cream. It is a treat that perfectly balances crunch with creaminess and a generous helping of zing! Have it with a cup of tea or as a dessert for a burst of summer flavour.

Citrus Slice

A staff favourite at Make it Raw, we highly recommend you try out our citrus slice. With fresh flavours from locally sourced lemons, this slice is perfect to jazz up a summer afternoon. We add a touch of organic turmeric to the citrusy almond butter - it’s earthy taste brings out the citrus flavour.

Decadent Chocolate Bars

We loooove chocolate at Make it Raw and have created a bunch of sugar-free bars that meet all our chocolate cravings.

Snicks Bars

With a crunchy almond base, gooey date caramel, and vanilla cashew nougat generously drenched in a chocolate coating, our Snicks Bar creates choco-nutty heaven. We sweeten it with local honey for all-natural goodness.

Gooey Caramel Chocolate Bar

Go nuts for this gooey caramel chocolate delight. Bite into pure chocolate to discover melt-in-your-mouth caramel and a crunchy almond base. No refined sugars, gluten, or dairy go near this treat. It is sweetened only with the all-natural decadence of dates and organic agave. This chocolate bar is so tasty you will never want a bar of checkout chocolate again.

Raspberry Vanilla Chocolate Bar

Who else loves raspberry, chocolate and vanilla? A berrylicious fruity treat, this bar embraces the lush flavour of vanilla mousse, rich chocolate, tangy raspberry, and crunchy almond. Share them around at your next dinner party!

Orange Chocolate Bar

Our orange chocolate bar is a match made in Jaffa heaven. Calling all lovers of the magic orange chocolate combo: this gluten-free, vegan, and raw chocolate bar will satisfy all your zesty cravings.

Eat Delicious and Healthy Slices and Bars

Our team at Make It Raw are committed to finding ways of making healthy food accessible and tasty. All of our raw slices and bars are not only super good for you but delicious as well!

Healthy eating is a key player in ensuring your quality of life. What you put in your body matters! That’s why at Make It Raw, we carefully choose ingredients that will give you a ton of vitamins and nutrients.

Join us on our wellness journey and get amongst our raw slices and bars today!