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5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic Chocolate Bars

It’s hard to believe that a popular first choice sweet treat for many people these days was discovered centuries ago by the Aztec Empire of the Americas. Yes, we’re talking about chocolate! However the way we consume chocolate today is vastly different to how the Aztec people did.

Most companies these days don’t source ingredients that were farmed naturally, and rather choose higher production over good quality products. Organic chocolate bars are made with natural ingredients, which keeps all the healthy goodness in the final product.

However, if you’re still needing some convincing, here are 5 reasons you should eat organic chocolate bars.

1. For Your Own Personal Joy

You may be wondering, ‘what actually makes a chocolate bar organic?’, and the answer is quite simple! Organic chocolate bars are made with sugar and cacao that were grown through organic farming methods, meaning synthetic chemicals, such as man made pesticides and fertilizers, weren’t used in the cultivation process. When eating an organic chocolate bar, you can rest assured that it was made from natural ingredients without being exposed to harmful chemicals that aren’t good for your health. This also means that organic chocolate bars can be a healthy snack option! But hey, you don’t need to be the only one enjoying all this goodness. Organic chocolate bars are typically less saturated with sugar, meaning you can also share it with your kids without having to worry about them consuming too much sugar. Bring your whole family joy by making tasty treats from organic chocolate bars.

  • 2. Boost Your Energy Level
  • A surprising fact about organic chocolate bars is that they essentially contain the same properties as a bowl of fruit. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s the truth! In an organic chocolate bar you’ll find over 300 healthy properties such as copper, magnesium, zinc, sulfur and B-vitamins, all of which are common properties found in a bowl of fruit. Because organic chocolate bars are so rich in these healthy properties, they make for a great boost in energy. Who would have guessed that a chocolate bar could be a healthy go-to for an energy boost?

    Organic Chocolate Bars

  • 3. Treat Yourself (Healthily)
  • What do you grab when feeling like a sweet treat? Do you consider chocolate bars to be your guilty pleasure? While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something sweet every now and again, you can let go of the idea that chocolate is only bad for you by switching to organic chocolate bars! Not only are they a delicious snack on their own, organic chocolate bars can be incorporated into many different kinds of desserts. Using organic rather than conventional chocolate bars brings all of the good properties we mentioned earlier into any sweet treat you make. This results in a much healthier alternative that still satisfies your craving for something sweet, so say so long to the days of feeling guilty about snacking on some chocolate.

  • 4. Good For Your Health?
  • We’ve all heard it before, if you want to live a long and fulfilling life you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo sweet treats entirely. The truth is that not only do organic chocolate bars boost your energy levels, surprisingly they also contain toxin-fighting properties as well as other healthy properties that help to reduce cholesterol levels. Organic chocolate bars contain antioxidants known as flavonoids that help your body to ward off toxins you may come across in everyday life. Flavonoids are also cancer-fighting antioxidants, and are commonly found in many fruits and vegetables as well. So replacing conventional chocolate bars with organic ones, as well as maintaining an overall healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables too is a sure fire way to a long, healthy life. You may be thinking that saying chocolate bars can help reduce cholesterol must be too good to be true, but because of the healthy properties organic chocolate bars contain, ingesting them does actually help lower cholesterol levels. So you can rest assured knowing that they’re a healthier alternative to a conventional one when indulging in an organic chocolate bar.

    5. Better For Everyone

    Ingredients that are grown naturally compared to ones cultivated with synthetic chemicals are significantly better for you as well as the farmers and the environment. As mentioned before, cacao and sugar are the staple ingredients behind chocolate, growing these ingredients with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers can be dangerous for the farmers caring for them as they’re linked to various negative effects on one’s health. Most farmers don’t have the protective gear necessary to lessen the risk of exposure either, making them vulnerable to these chemicals. Organic chocolate however is cultivated with organic and biodynamic fertilizers as well as pest deterrents, instead of synthetic chemicals. These natural methods are much better for both the crops and the farmers, allowing them to work without putting themselves, or the wider community, at risk. Unsurprisingly, these harmful chemicals are also detrimental to the environment. Made with the intention of killing off any unwanted insects or plants, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides all end up harming the immediate area as well, which can cause immense damage to the delicate local ecosystem. As organic chocolate bars source ingredients from farms that don’t use these chemicals, choosing to purchase and consume organic chocolate bars instead of conventional ones, helps the environment as you’re supporting these alternative farms and increasing the demand in the market for more eco-friendly products. Don’t forget, by eating organic chocolate bars you’re also avoiding the risk of consuming these harmful chemicals too.

    Organic chocolate bars are much better for you, for the environment and even for the farmers that produce the ingredients for them. You don’t have to forgo desserts to live a healthy lifestyle, with the right balance of fruits and vegetables, organic chocolate bars can be a beneficial addition to your diet.