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Healthy, Plant Based Breakfast - Chia Seed Pots

These Chia Seed Pots are a life saver when you know that tomorrow morning is going to be a struggle! They are so quick to put together the night before and the pay off the next morning is so so sweet! Being served in a jar also means that you can have a spoonful before you run out the door and then easily pull it out at your desk or while waiting for the bus :D 

This recipe is for one serving, one jar of tasty breakfast pudding! For every extra human you need to feed just add another jar of pudding! In the morning you can add everyone's favourite toppings and get really creative!! Frozen berries are great for when there isn't too much fresh fruit in season, but in summer and autumn you can add what ever is falling off everyone's trees! (I'm looking at you feijoa tree!) 

I love using our Apple & Cinnamon Grawnola or crushed Make it Raw Banana Bars as a flavourful topping. Pumpkin seeds, crushed nuts, dried fruit, nut butter and honey also make great toppings. The beauty here is that you don't need to go out and get anything specific in this dish. Chia seeds last for ages and don't take up much room, so you always have a tasty breaky on hand! You can also make a few puddings Sunday night and have them on hand throughout the week. 

I use Pic's Peanut Butter jars for this breaky at home because they are the perfect size! These are a standard jar size so whatever you have in the cupboard will work. 


Serves One 
2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1/2 C Liquid (Nutmilk, Water + Coconutcream, Coconut water, Cows Milk etc)

The night before - Put both ingredients in your serving jar and give it a stir then a gooooood shake! You want to make sure there aren't too many seeds clumped together as they might not evenly soak. The good thing is, even if some are still a bit crunchy they are still tasty! 

In the morning - Add your favourite toppings and away you go!


Healthy Vegan Breakfast

Healthy plant based breakfast