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Raw Banoffee Pie recipe

Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free raw banoffee pie

All chocolated-out after Easter?

Try this Banoffee Pie!

I first made this Banoffee Pie for Christmas day last year and it was a hit!! With limited equipment, measuring cups and utensils I had to wing it (frying pan as a tart tin?? Yes it worked!!), luckily it turned out deliciously well! 

Here is the recipe with real measurements so you can create this gluten, dairy, refined sugar free and vegan dessert for yourself. 


Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free raw banoffee pie


Banoffee Pie


Serves 6-8

3/4c almonds
3/4c dates, chopped (either soft dates or softened by pouring 1T boiling water on them and stirring)
½c coconut
2T coconut oil
Process everything together in a blender or food processor – scraping down the sides if needed. Add 1tsp water if it isn’t coming together to form a ball when you squeeze some in your hand.
Press this into your lined 20cm tart tin or frying pan =) Place in the freezer while you make the caramel and cream
1c dates, chopped in half
¼ c boiling water
2Tbsp nut butter
¼ c coconut cream, top of a Trade Aid can works the best
pinch salt
Pour the water over the dates and let them sit for 5 mins. Add them and the other ingredients to a blender or food processor and process until it is lovely and smooth. You will need to scrape it down multiple times. Add another 1Tbsp of water if it is struggling to move.
Spread this over your base. Slice 2 bananas and overlap these on the caramel.
2/3 c cashew nuts, soaked 5 hours then drained
1/3 c coconut cream (a mix of the firm and runny parts of Trade Aid coconut milk is best)
2Tbsp water
1/3c melted coconut oil
1tsp vanilla
2Tbsp honey/agave/maple syrup
Blend everything together in your blender until nice and smooth. Add 1-2Tbsp water if it is too thick.
Pour this over your caramel banana and top with grated dark chocolate.
Chill for 3 hours before serving at fridge temperature.
Julia x